Quick change for TMS

Thursday 29th March 2012

It needed a quick change of direction and thought for the TMS internet team as they were putting the finishing touches to a new website for C-Mac MicroTechnology.
With a few days to go, API Technologies acquired C-Mac's aerospace and energy business but left the automotive business untouched and under the continuing ownership of C-Mac.
So the TMS team went into overdrive to rapidly recreate two entirely separate C-Mac websites from the one original concept and design.
"It was a bit sudden and unexpected but with the help of C-Mac's product marketing manager Chris Andrews we divided the content, product lines and underlying message," said TMS internet director Mike Murr.
Karen Oddey, chief executive officer of Aerospace and Defense Electronics of C-MAC said: "Becoming part of API enables us to greatly enhance our already strong product line and deliver more value to the customers and partners who have been loyal to the C-MAC brand for over 60 years."

C-Mac Automotive can be found at www.cmac.com
C-Mac Aerospace at www.cmacapi.com