TMS website boosts Pleasure Beach season

Tuesday 26th April 2011

Not only has dry sunny weather given Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach's season an encouraging start but a new website offering online bookings has brought a flurry of extra business.

They have even had holidaymakers booking wristbands for as far ahead as August to enjoy a 20% discount through the new internet service, devised by TMS Media.

"With less money to spare, I think many families are getting organised so that they can enjoy our online discount and also budget for their holidays weeks ahead and calculate what money they have left to spend," said Albert Jones, Pleasure Beach managing director.

"Most of the bookings are from further afield with people arranging to visit the Pleasure Beach during short breaks or holidays. We're sure they are attracted by the new-look lively and informative website which gives specific details on opening hours, prices discounts and free car parking to everyone booking in advance."

Although it was early days, there was a steady flow of advance bookings which Mr Jones  expected to grow rapidly as word spread. More than one million visitors are expected this year. Bookings must be made no later than the day before a visit.

Mike Murr, TMS internet director, added: "The Pleasure Beach has experimented with  advance booking systems before but this one works well because it is on a dynamic website but so simple to use and adds lots of helpful advice for visitors."

Pleasure Beach Great Yarmouth