Lockdown has meant we have had to think of new and innovative ways to look after our clients.

Just one way we have done this is developing a new electronic system called Q-Zapp to help pubs, restaurants and venues prepare for a new way of working during the Covid-19 restrictions.

Regularly updated Government guidelines means ticketing and entry restrictions are a new hurdle for businesses and organisations because they need to monitor exactly who is in their venue and regulate numbers to safeguard social distancing.

The team developed a new system allowing them to keep details of everyone visiting, when they are attending and how long for.

It allows a fixed number of customers to book in online for a fixed amount of time.

When each session is purchased, a confirmation email with an accompanying QR code is generated for patrons.

This can then be scanned by staff using their smartphone or a laptop equipped with a webcam to monitor entry.

It also allows them to keep a tally of people who are in the park in real-time.

This is known as a Progressive Web App (PWA), so how does it differ from an app you would download on your phone?

They can integrate with a website to ensure booking and monitoring is done efficiently and effectively. They each have a bespoke design and can be downloaded by anyone, anywhere, on any device.

Who is using it?

One of the first clients is Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach. It is adjusting the way it works post-pandemic. Visitors can enjoy the rides and attractions in three-hour blocks with a restricted number of patrons to ensure social distancing, and to ensure the site can be sanitised on a regular basis.

TMS adapted Q-Zapp with the capacity for these booking sessions, capped entry, ensured the entry process was as fast and streamlined as possible, and trained staff in using a version of it specifically designed for the park.

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach’s Jamie Jones said: “We needed to find a system which would allow us to make sure we could monitor entry to the park while also making sure it was as user-friendly as possible for our staff.”

Q-Zapp is now available to be adapted for other businesses to help manage and monitor their customer base. It was created by TMS’s senior website developer Chris Hill.

He said: “My experience in automation engineering and of creating PWAs for offshore industry events meant I could use my knowledge to create a solution for the leisure and entertainment industry. The system we have developed could be customised to meet a range of needs for pubs, restaurants, hotels and venues who are having to change the way they work.”